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MEKKER – Valorization of food waste through the production of chemicals via microbial technology.


September 1st, 2019 – August 31th, 2022


In a rising demand of new technologies, the focus shifts from dry to rather wet anaerobic fermentation of waste streams. These waste streams are typically the vegetables & fruit (GF) fraction. For these organic waste streams, the DRANCO technology cannot be used because of the low dry weight percentage. This shift towards the usage of a wet anaerobic digestion is a preferrable choice, as organic waste streams could provide a healthy source of valuable nutrients. Previous projects also indicated that a GF waste stream, treated beforehand with a washing step, is rich in carboxylic acids and in particular lactic acid. This lactic acid gives an opportunity to potentially produce valuable carboxylic acids including caproic acid.

Provided with all this information, MEKKER represents a project which will research the viability of the production of lactic acid out of a GF waste stream coupled to the production of higher carboxylic acids including caproic acid. This research will not only be very innovative compared to the standard state of the art technology but will also provide a basis towards a profitable and innovative valorization strategy.




Mr. Thomas Willems

Ing. Thomas Willems : Msc. Industrial engineering in Biochemistry. Started as a project engineer at DRANCO since 2021. Responsible for the supervision and research regarding the MEKKER project and assists with the RUSTICA project.


Phone: +32 9 269 11 73