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Creating and producing carboxylic acids from waste


DRANCO nv has created an expertise in the conversion of organic waste residues into a carboxylic acid rich solution. The application of the CAP technology is beneficial in many ways. For example, the technology is capable of handling a broad range of waste streams. Most non-lignin residues are viable for conversion like food (processing) waste, agricultural residues, and the organic fraction of municipal waste.

The CAP technology allows process optimization to direct the fermentation towards the desired product. The product spectrum can vary from lactic acid and short chain carboxylic acids (acetic acid, propionic acid, isobutyric acid, butyric acid, isovaleric acid, valeric acid) to medium chain carboxylic acids (isocaproic acid, caproic acid, enantic acid, carprylic acid). These molecules are key intermediates necessary for the creation of new value chains in the production of bio-fertilizers, feed ingredients, bioplastics and bio-chemicals.

The CAP technology is easily combinable with other technologies, like the DRy ANaerobic COnversion (DRANCO) process. After the conversion towards carboxylic acids using the CAP-technology is completed, the remaining waste stream can be converted to biogas and compost, thus creating an extra valorization.


Within the CAP research group, the focus lies mainly on research & development for alternative waste processing technologies. In the past, DRANCO nv completed many projects, including the VOLATILE project. DRANCO nv is currently partner in two European projects (RUSTICA, CAFIPLA) and one Flemish project (MEKKER) where it fulfills the responsibility of a technical partner as well as technical project manager. In these projects, DRANCO tries to build a new value chain around the CAP technology. DRANCO nv wants to further integrate the CAP technology with the installment of demonstration plants.


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