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Household waste

The introduction of anaerobic digestion into the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) and source separated organics (biowaste) is one of the most successful and innovative technology developments observed during the last two decades in the waste management field. Household waste organics contain energy, and Organic Waste Systems is determined to get it out!

DRANCO process

The DRANCO digestion technology was developed by studying and optimising the spontaneous ‘dry’ digestion that takes place in a landfill. When oxygen is depleted in the landfill,  anaerobic bacteria gradually take over the role of the aerobic bacteria. Part of the organic fraction of the disposed waste is degraded by these anaerobic bacteria and landfill gas, rich in methane,  escapes from the landfill. Unfortunately anaerobic decomposition in a landfill is uncontrolled and very slow (20 to 50 years). In depth research in the early 80’s resulted in the innovative DRANCO digestion concept with a digestion time of two to three weeks. Continuous research was done at DRANCO nv during the last decades to improve the process and to keep the DRANCO-technology at the top in its field.

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SORDISEP process

DRANCO nv has developed the SORDISEP (SORting, DIgestion and SEParation) process for the treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to recover a maximum amount of recyclable components and a high quality compost. The SORDISEP process includes dry sorting, anaerobic digestion by means of the DRANCO process, and wet separation of the digestate.

SORDISEP is not a digestion technology, but a post-digestion mechanical treatment for mixed waste (not for ‘clean’ source separated ‘biowaste’).

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Organic Feedstock

In contrast to many other biofuels or forms of bio-energy, biogas can be produced from many types of feedstock, with limited feedstock preparation and (to a great extent) regardless of the composition and the moisture content. Moreover, biogas can be produced from by-products from both biodiesel and bio-ethanol production.


The DRANCO-FARM technology combines the advantages and experience of the DRANCO technology for organic household waste and applies them to pure organic feedstocks such as energy crops, food waste, harvest residues and solid industrial organics.

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BES-CSTR process


DRANCO nv offers continuously stirred-tank reactors.  This conventional digester concept was adjusted according to the high DRANCO standards concerning reliability and safety.  The BES-CSTR digester was developed to treat rather wet agro-industrial waste, energy crops, crop residues, manure and food waste.

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