Consultancy & support – Analytical assistance and biological supervision

Since the biological process is the heart of the anaerobic digestion plant, a good knowledge and monitoring of this process is crucial.

Analytical assistance

Monitoring of substrates

  • TS-VS, Kj-N, C/N, COD,…
  • Biogas Production Potential
  • Nutrient content, heavy metals

Digestion parameters

  • TS-VS
  • NH4+-N
  • pH
  • FOS, TAC
  • VFA
  • Viscosity

Digestate characteristics

  • Physico-chemical (TS-VS, pH, NH4+-N,…)
  • Stability (AT4, O2-consumption, maturation,…)
  • Fertilizer value

Biological supervision

  • Interpretation of analytical and operational parameters
  • Follow-up and advice for optimal performance
  • Highly flexible depending on the specific needs of the AD plant
    • Daily, weekly, monthly,…
    • Mail, phone,…
    • On demand / on regular basis

Analytical assistance (3)  Analytical assistance (2)


About DRANCO nv

About DRANCO nv

DRANCO nv is a world leading company in the construction and operation of anaerobic digestion plants and in organic waste management consultancy.