Alice Mestré – Study Director

“Hi, I am Alice!

I am 27 years old and part of the P&E team at DRANCO nv. I started about 2 years ago with a minimum of knowledge of this industry. In the meantime, with the help and willingness of colleagues and my perseverance, I have grown a lot. I feel very good in the team. As a woman, I have to stand my ground, but I’ve always felt appreciated.

My day-to-day tasks are very broad. It ranges from ordering a door, where I only have to give the dimensions. But ordering large engines is also part of my job. This takes a bit more time, from the beginning of the dimensioning process with the help of the consulting-team – to the delivery, which I can follow up on with them. In short, a lot of variation and a great challenge for me.”



Alice Mestré – Project Engineer – Biogas Plants

About DRANCO nv

About DRANCO nv

DRANCO nv is a world leading company in the construction and operation of anaerobic digestion plants and in organic waste management consultancy.