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Location Wijster, The Netherlands
Plant capacity 57.000 t/y of residual waste
Waste type Organic fraction of MSW
Reactor volume 3.960 m³
Start-up 2012
Client Attero B.V.

The first DRANCO plant on the Attero-site in Wijster started producing biogas in 2012. The DRANCO digester treats the organic wet fraction from residual waste after pretreatment.  The digester has a capacity of 57.000 tons per year.  The biogas is upgraded and injected into the gas grid (‘green gas’). Attero B.V. opted for a dry DRANCO digestion in order to be able to sent the digestate to the incineration without any dewatering.

A short movie about the construction can be found here (see below).

A movie about the plant can be found below.